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About the Section

The Civil Section of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC) is comprised of federal, provincial and territorial  government policy lawyers and analysts, lawyers from the private bar, law reformers and academics.  These individuals are brought together to consider areas in which provincial and territorial laws would benefit from harmonization.

The main work of the Civil Section is reflected in uniform statutes and other instruments, which the Section develops, adopts and recommends for enactment by all relevant governments in Canada.  This includes the ULCC’s preparation of uniform acts to implement international conventions and other international private law instruments on matters of provincial and territorial responsibility.  On occasion the Section adopts a model statute, on which it expresses no opinion as a matter of policy, but which it offers as a method of harmonization where member governments want to use it. The Civil Section also collaborates with similar international organizations including the Uniform Law Commission of the United States to exchange ideas and discuss projects of joint interest.  Finally, the Civil Section works together with the Criminal Section to study legal issues which involve both civil and criminal law.