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Statement of Policy on Diversity and Inclusion

(As approved August 10, 2020)

The Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC) was created in 1918 recognizing that the participation of provincial governments was required to develop uniform legislation.  Today, lawyers from across the country work on ULCC projects and criminal law reform.  The ULCC is geographically diverse.  It operates in both English and French and takes into account both the common law and civil law legal systems that are in place in Canada. 

The ULCC is committed to cultivating an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment.  The ULCC believes diversity supports creativity and innovation, which are essential to the successful fulfillment of its law reform mandate and leads to products that are responsive to everyone.  Accordingly, the ULCC promotes, encourages and nurtures diversity among its members and leaders.  The ULCC actively reaches out to members of the legal profession to ensure diverse participation in its working groups.  Working groups are encouraged to consider broad consultations in order to solicit a wide range of views and perspectives.  The ULCC also encourages those responsible for the composition of delegations to consider diversity, among other factors, when choosing delegates.