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Statement of Policy on the Environment and Climate Crisis

(As approved August 10, 2020)

The Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC) was created in 1918 and is composed of lawyers from across the country.  In order to carry out its law reform mandate effectively, its members meet in person annually. Working groups and committees may also meet in person between Annual Meetings.   

The ULCC recognizes the harm posed by environmental degradation and the climate crisis.  It also recognizes that its meetings, which are a necessary part of its operations, have an environmental impact.  The ULCC encourages sustainable practices and takes active steps to mitigate the impact its activities have on the environment.  This includes holding in person meetings only when necessary, reducing its use of paper and avoiding single-use plastics at its meetings.  Although the ULCC recognizes that governmental and organizational employees must comply with various policies and directives, such as those established by their employer, they are strongly encouraged, whenever possible, to choose options that minimize the carbon footprint related to their ULCC participation, notably by making environmentally conscious travel arrangements and offsetting their carbon emissions.