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2012 Annual Meeting Press Release

ULCC Concludes its 94th Annual Conference in Whitehorse

Whitehorse, YT – Exemptions from mandatory minimum sentences, new rules for wills, and new rules for absentee military and student voting were three of the issues considered by senior lawyers and policy makers at the 94th annual meeting of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada held in Whitehorse, YT.

The Honourable Mike Nixon Minister of Justice as well as Minister of Tourism & Culture for the Yukon, addressed the delegates on Sunday August 12, 2012, noting that the work of the Uniform Law Conference greatly benefits the process of law reform in Canada, as it identifies emerging issues and provides a range of expertise and experience to inform law and policy.

The Uniform Law Conference of Canada is a volunteer organization in which delegates from all across Canada,
including members of the judiciary, law professors, corporate counsel, private lawyers and government lawyers, recommend ways to modernize and harmonize federal, provincial and territorial laws. Approximately 65 delegates attended this year's annual meeting.

“The delegates worked hard this week,” said Conference President Darcy McGovern. “Whitehorse’s natural beauty, rich history and warm hospitality provided the perfect backdrop for our annual meeting. It was especially a pleasure to be able to showcase the Capital of the Yukon for our American and Mexican guests.”
The Uniform Law Conference of Canada meets in two sections. The Civil Section focuses on the modernization and harmonization of commercial and non-commercial laws. The Criminal Section considers proposals to reform criminal laws. Over the years, the Conference has tackled many complex legal issues and recommended the implementation of numerous Uniform Acts and other law reform initiatives. Those recommendations have often been enacted into law by federal, provincial and territorial governments. 

During the week, the Conference adopted in principle three Uniform Acts: the Reviewable Transactions Act, which is legislation to protect creditors from fraudulent transfers; the Uniform Trustee Act; and amendments to the Civil Code to better manage funds raised through Public Appeals.

In the Criminal Section, the Conference received papers considering exemptions from mandatory penalties, extraprovincial search warrants and recanted witness statements. The criminal section also considered approximately 26 resolutions recommending amendments to the Criminal Code and related statutes including severe personal injury offences, dangerous and long term offenders and prohibited weapons. Criminal section delegates also had an opportunity to learn more about the innovative Yukon alternative courts.

In the last several years, the Conference has worked closely with its American and Mexican counterparts to develop common legal principles with application across North America. Invited guests included Past President Robert A. Stein and President Michael Houghton from the United States Uniform Law Commission as well as Dr. Jorge Sánchez Cordero Dávila from the Mexican Uniform Law Centre.

For further information about the Uniform Law Conference of Canada or any of the projects the Conference is working on,
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Darcy McGovern