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2015 Annual Meeting Press Release

ULCC adopts Uniform Acts, Concludes 97th Annual Conference

Yellowknife, NWT – The Uniform Law Conference of Canada, a government-supported organization that works to modernize and harmonize federal, provincial and territorial laws and considers proposals to reform criminal laws concluded its annual meeting.

This week in Yellowknife, the Conference adopted in principle several Uniform Acts including:

  • A modern law providing for Cross-Border recognition of powers of attorney and personal health care directives;
  • The Uniform Recognition of Substitute Decision-making Documents Act was recommended by the ULCC for adoption in all provinces and territories. The model law was developed as a joint endeavour with the United States Uniform Law Commission;
  • A model law aimed at protecting seniors and other vulnerable people from financial abuse. This law, the Uniform Enduring Powers of Attorney Act, was developed with the financial support of Employment and Social Development Canada. The final text is expected this fall

The Conference’s Criminal Law Section debates and votes on proposals to amend the Criminal Code and related statutes. This week it considered over fifteen resolutions or proposals relating to issues such as making bail and jury procedures simpler and more practical as well as modernizing the law of spousal privilege and updating the law relating to counterfeiting.

Delegates to the Uniform Law Conference of Canada are legal experts appointed by the 14 member governments (federal, 10 provincial, three territorial). They include members of the judiciary, law professors, corporate counsel, private lawyers and government lawyers. Approximately 75 delegates attended this year’s meeting, including the President and members of the executive of the United States Uniform Law Commission. The Uniform Law Conference of Canada was founded in 1918 and over the years has recommended the implementation of numerous Uniform Acts and other law reform initiatives. Those recommendations have often been enacted into law by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Media contact:
Luc Labonte, Conference President
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